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Hi, I am Shyamanta. I am a digital marketer and I am have started my journey as a freelancer. Digital Migrate is my web page/ platform where you will be able to get to know about my client testimonials, my blog section, articles and I will be publishing different upcoming topics based on my experience.

Under Digital Marketing, we provide a whole lot of services. These are as follows:

  • Search Engine Optimization
  • Ad Campaigns (Google/ Social Media)
  • Social Media Profile Optimization, website optimization
  • Website design (CMS)
  • Producing SEO and website Audit reports
  • Google Analytics Reporting
  • Ad performance reporting
  • local business listings
  • online reputation management

Search Engine Optimization (SEO): The formula to rank organically

Starting from structure of Page, content optimization and backlink management, you will get complete support. I do complete link analysis for the websites as well as diagnosis of the website in form of website or page structure and layout. This is one of the factors that really contribute to rankings on various search engine.

Hence I carry out site audit reports which are really crucial. Search Engine Optimisation is the base for Google Page ranking. This is because search engine entails all the basic requirements for a domain/webpage to rank organically in the SERP.

Search Engine Optimisation consists of many thing such as Backlink Analysis, Website Audit, SEO Audit, Domain Authority & Page Authority. However, it is the most important to keep oneself updated in the field of SEO who wants to grow his business/blog via web first. People generally start with Google search and not by Social Media Search. And a website provides far more information than a Social Media Page. So, it is better to make the website keeping on-age/off-page SEO in mind.

Keyword Research

Using the right keywords & suggested keyword density, staying within the first 5 ranks should be our priority. I generally use Keywords everywhere and Google K/w planner as the tool for keyword research. Based on the downloaded CSV, I sort out the keywords most relevant to the content. Other tools such as Soovle can be used too. Competitor analysis for keyword research can be done bu tools such as Ubersuggest, MOZ, SEM Rush & Ahrefs. These are one of the most popular tools available online.

Social Media Marketing

When it comes to optimizing Ads on social media, you have come to the right platform. Apart from Ads, I also do organic postings and creatives to enhance engagement. This is very much needed on twitter, FB & Instagram before converting your target audience directly to customers.

When it comes to Ads and Creatives, I can help you out with your objective. However, digital and social space can create a channel between the product and the right target audience but the core foundation is always the product. Hence reputation of the product will need to be maintained online. Social Media Marketing also requires a lot of research because marketing on a social media platform doesn’t mean simply putting a Facebook/ Instagram/ Twitter Page and get followers/likes.

Until and unless we are able to deliver what the target audience is actually looking for, there’ll be no engagement. It’s a step-by-step process just like any other marketing. However the advantage is that we can move fast, understand our competitors better and act accordingly. So engage with your audience to create the brand awareness and then you can go for lead generation as well as campaigns and again do improvements based on insights/ analytics. That is what the actual buying process should be.

Ad Campaigns

Digital Migrate | Digital Marketing | Social Media Marketing

Based on K/W research or campaign objectives, I run ad campaigns for my client however the client has to ensure that his website and content is optimized thoroughly because placing ads doesn’t work only on bids. In fact, even if one is placing the highest bid and the landing page is not optimized, the quality score of the ad would reduce which would help the competition in this case. Hence, content must be ready and optimized in a circular manner. Apart from K/W search ad campaigns, I also carry out ad campaigns for the display network, video (Youtube), shopping and Appstore.

Sales Funnels

I also create and design sales funnel according to the demand of the brand. Funnels help create a journey for the prospect which enhances the probability of the sale/ conversion. It helps you understand a typical customer journey for your brand/ product. A funnel can be used to generate lead for your blogs/courses/webinars. Funnels have a better probability of conversion because it is a one-way road as it has minimum distractions as compared to any normal webpage. The goal is very much measurable and that is to either generate a lead or make a sale.

Website Development

I also help in building optimised and stunning CMS (Content Management System) websites that would showcase the products/services provided by the brand in the best possible manner as to get the maximum possible traffic inflow. An optimised website also reduces bounce rate and increases the number of returning visitors. There are a number of CMS such as WordPress, Drupal, Joomla etc but I generally prefer going ahead with WordPress as more than 33% of world’s websites are based on WordPress CMS.

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