Digital Marketing: A revolution indeed

Digital Marketing | Digital Marketing Trends from 2019 onwards
Why Digital Marketing is the key ?

Marketing of products or services using digital tools, platforms or technologies to reach consumers on a large scale is called digital marketing. Branding is one of the key objectives of digital marketing platforms. The problem is that many people think that Digital Marketing is easy enough but actually it is not. Because, it is full of think tank along with technology implementations.


Types of Digital Marketing (Online): SEO, SEM and PPC, Social Media Marketing, Content Marketing, Affiliate Marketing, Influencer Marketing, Email Marketing, Viral Marketing & Mobile Phone Advertising. These are mainly concentrated around online channels. Offline digital marketing comprises of mainly Radio, TV and Phone Marketing. 

Now there’s a vast difference between both these different offline and online channels i.e. on the online platforms, we can measure the effectiveness of the ads/campaigns unlike the offline medium. Plus we have more control on the traffic whereas radio/ TV is too open. Plus creating brand awareness for a new brand is pretty much difficult as it would incur huge amount of money.

It cannot be guaranteed whether the correct target audience would be watching that ad or not. However in digital media and social media platforms like Google/ Bing/ Yahoo/ Facebook/ Instagram/ Twitter, effective targeting can be done depending on demographics, interest and user behavior. Hence, it is pretty easy to start over the internet rather than radio/ TV but the buying process would need to be followed strictly i.e.AIDA model. 

The main challenge in digital marketing is that one has to remain updated with the latest updates/ changes that take place in relation with machine language, web development, algorithms, tools & technologies. Otherwise, one would fall off the grid as compared to the competition.

Digital Marketing has become more rewarding as well as challenging due to the following trends in 2019:

  • Artificial Intelligence is affecting every bit of Digital Marketing. Starting from industries to Consumer behavior, predictive analytics will play a big role in identifying gaps however Digital Marketer will need to know how to leverage such technologies to their maximum.
  • Voice search is increasingly taking over normal typing and in US, already 1 out of every 4 persons is doing voice search. This would hugely impact Search Engine Optimisation and hence, one would need to be very much efficient in using these tools to regular practice.
  • Chatbots have taken a big leap in Facebook messenger marketing. This is because these chatbots are trained in such a way that they are able to give the most relevant answers to the audience for their questions and as FB messenger is such a medium where reach is pretty much easier, people easily responds to a chatbot. People are hugely using chatbots to generate leads and convert sales as they have become one of the easiest and most interactive tools for online marketing.
  • Video Marketing has taken a big jump on Facebook/ Instagram because a video is able to catch a lot of attention provide the targeting is done selectively and at best. Nowadays, video marketing through webinars has become the most popular platform for converting leads into paid customers. An entire funnel method is followed which provides a bait to the customer and finishes at the point when he pays for the service.
  • Social Media is undoubtedly the most vibrant platform as anyone is connected almost every second to a platform i.e Facebook, Instagram or Twitter be it. It is probably the best platform to generate brand awareness and earn brand loyalty because of the effective targeting and visual appeal.
  • Podcasting has become popular because it can be heard to anytime when a person is stuck in traffic or at anyplace in anytime. Specially, influencers have deeply gained popularity due to podcast as they have been coming up openly with their source of income and ways to do it.
  • Content Marketing has been playing a different role as it focuses on creating a certain content and publishing and distributing it to the target audience online. It helps attracting quality audience,generate leads, convert leads, increase brand awareness and increase engagement e.g.Neil Patel, Brian Dean can really market their content well and has users returning to their website & Youtube channels again and again.

India’s internet user base is already at around a figure of 500 million people and it is expected to add a 50 million users every year after 2020. Smartphone, internet and social media penetration has taken e-commerce to most interior parts of India and the spending in the Digital Marketing industry is expected to contribute to 29% of total ad spending in India. Currently the statistics stand at 17% of the total advertisement spending in India. India is having the highest number of Digital Marketing freelancers in the world and the industry is expanding more and more as start-ups are opening almost everyday due to Digital India initiative by the Government of India.


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