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Understanding actually works out the best in Digital Marketing rather than only certifications. Understanding with certifications is like a diamond studded crown. Most people don’t understand that thing and ends up crashing around. They think that it is the certification which will end up landing them a fat pay but that’s totally wrong. Even, I have been a victim of those thoughts and hence I am writing this to correct the wrong.

Most of the digital marketers do a lot of certifications & courses but I would highly recommend these which would easily suffice or work for a digital marketer. The most important thing is that it is most important to understand digital marketing rather than just get certified. The best part is that all these courses are free and won’t cost you a dime apart from the Facebook Blueprint Certification exam. And all the courses are available online. One huts needs to have a gmail, twitter and a facebook account. That is the only requirement for the course.

Getting or generating leads is important but understanding the user or your target audience is the most important of all and that is what marketing is all about. Whatever applies in conventional marketing, same applies here. Only the platform and the medium has changed. Both the system have their own advantages and drawbacks but we are not discussing it here. Having a certification would make you stand out but everything boils down to implementation. If you do not implement it, no certification will add any significant amount of value to your profile.

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Certifications that any Digital Marketer should opt for in order to implement their learning:

  • Google Analytics: Once you have your website ready, understanding the behavior of the target audience becomes most important. Demographics, age group, linguistics, source and search behavior all needs to be taken into concern. For these, a thorough understanding of Google Analytics is needed. Generating reports and implementing necessary suggestions/changes is key to ranking and Google Analytics will definitely aid you in doing that. All is done with the help of a tracking code.
  • Adwords: Now, when it comes to competition or keywords that you really want your website to rank for, Google Adwords is the ultimate platform for the same. You do your keyword research thoroughly and apply those keywords after doing a competitor analysis. When it comes to SEM, Google Adwords would play a major role in this. A thorough understanding & knowledge of Google Adwords would be highly appreciated.
  • Hubspot Inbound Marketing: Hubspot Inbound Marketing is one of the most popular certification presently available for digital and social media marketers. Inbound Marketing Certification deals with creating contents and experience for the right target audience. A good and valuable content helps attracting the correct target audience for the page and helps in getting their problem solved.
  • Facebook Blueprint Certification: This is probably the epitome of social media certification because it recognized high level expertise with Facebook, Instagram and Messenger. It basically measures the forte required in crafting Social Media Strategies for brands and also judges the knowledge in Campaign Management to reach objectives required to but ads on all the three platforms. There are two different exams for Facebook Blueprint certification exam but to appear for any of the exam, one would need to clear the core competencies exam by Facebook. So, it is advised that one should not schedule both the exams on the same day.
    • Buying Exam:
    • Planning Exam:
  • Twitter Certification: Twitter marketing enables businesses to grow and effectively engage with the correct audience. Twitter is a more vocal platform and kind of a reputation management platform too and hence the expertise in certification would inevitably enable one with the best usage of twitter organically as well as in marketing mode. Twitter has also partnered with Simplilearn to offer the certification course on Twitter Advertising.
  • LinkedIn Marketing: LinkedIn marketing doesn’t have a certification course as such. It helps engagement between the professionals and business to drive actions relevant to it. LinkedIn Marketing would help to generate quality leads, drive traction to your business page and build brand awareness across different industries. It is more suited towards the B2B and professionals unlike social media platforms.


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