The Strange Digital Marketing Internship

Hi everyone, I am writing a blog after a long time in my blog. Actually, did not even open my WordPress admin dashboard for a period of 6 months. But, after a long time and getting back to my job life after almost 1 year, it feels like as if I shouldn’t have joined my job but everyone has their own problems. It felt as if I was gushing a new wave down my throat. Even, I do not know what I am writing but I think this time, I will be a bit more serious towards my life because almost 55% of my valuable life has ended.

Anyways, this blog will have a mix of me as well as the Internship Batch 3 that I have recently joined which is being headed by the legend himself Mr.Deepak Kanakaraju. This is a weird sort of internship though because this is an internship batch for which you need to pay and join. But, there is a catch. For every assignment you submit on time, you get an assured amount back to your account. And if you complete all the assignments throughout the course on time, you earn extra. Now, I think this is a complete win-win situation as you get a certificate from Deepak, you learn Digital Marketing, a few goodies and obviously the cashback. I do not exactly know if a placement assistance is there or not, but for sure, one can start freelancing.

Marketing is such an activity which will never end. I understand that due to the persisting #COVID19 situation, the world has gone into stagnation. But, people have started doing online courses rigorously now. And now, the whole scenario is also changing because people have obviously started thinking that job is not the only source of income on which they can rely. Everyone needs to have a side-hustle now because I think, in situation like #COVID19 and worldwide lockdown, these extra inch of knowledge should help in creating values.

Now, marketing has taken a whole step ahead because of going digital. I don’t mean to say that going digital is the only solution. But going digital can definitely help you understand the needs of that target audience and show them what they exactly need and how the solution you are providing will answer their problems. Even Steve Jobs did the same I guess. He didn’t go digital but definitely understood and responded pretty well to the hidden needs.

What I feel is that going digital has just helped marketing go in fact several steps further as it helps to quantify and measure easily. Traditional marketing is more open ended I guess but still, a large portion of the masses are still stuck to the traditional way of marketing and trust me, it is still one of the best. Digital marketing is mainly marketing+technology which has totally given a new way or outlook how the marketing is done. With the advent of IOT, smartphone and obviously software technology, marketing have totally changed in the online space.

With the advent of technology, smartphones, IOTs and what not, marketing has totally centered itself around one thing and i.e., content is the king. So better the content and meaningful it is, people will follow it but the catch is that the content has to be sought for. Now, if someone writes a very good content about CD-ROMs which is not in use or outdated, then there is no use. I am just citing an example though. This might not necessarily be true.

Now, people have really started becoming cautious while putting out contents because thing have changed. Internet protocols govern the contents and to make sure that your content stays on the top, you have to exercise a lot and feed yourself too. You think I am kidding but I am not. Just like a bodybuilder works out everyday, eats, take rest and repeats this cycle everyday, the same thing needs to be done with your content.

After you write the content, you make sure that your content is read by your target audience. Otherwise, it will just be a set of words for someone else. Now, to do that, you go for Search Engine Optimisation or SEO, whatever you say. You use the right set of keywords and there are a lot of other things which is pretty hard to explain in one single blog. For that, keep reading my blogs though cause, now I think, I should be writing in regular intervals. Let me see, how sincere I am.

Now there are a lot of ways, you can convert your target audience to be regular readers. This is done by E-Mail marketing where you really build a list of serious followers who will follow you no matter where you go. Just kidding. They should go through your content regularly. Well PPC, can also be one way you can advertise your content in the online space and build a set of loyal readers for your content. But, that is a short term solution because campaign is a short term goal oriented process. But, in case you have a decent set of followers and on the basis of that, say, you are trying to sell a course or your service, the Pay Per Click Advertising is definitely a YES.

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Now, measuring everything is important because you need to understand the crowd or followers who is mad after your content. So, it is just like work-out, eat, sleep and repeat. Keep on improving the contents regularly. Keep creating new contents on regular intervals. I am not saying to write 100 blogs every month nut instead write 4 blogs and make the best out of it.

Social Media is also a huge platform now to create a loyal base of followers. To Instagram and Twitter, I would definitely say Yes. For Facebook, I would say the analytics should be regularly checked via the Pixel. In Google, the same can be done through Google Analytics. Analytics will give you key insights where improvements can be done throughout your social media as web presence. Analytics will also help you to reduce bounce rates and the best part is definitely, world-wide insights for your website.

Well, I am going to end my blog here tonight and would like to thank Deepak once again who bought some life back in me. This was also an assignment that I got in the first class of the Internship Batch-3, Whoever, will read this blog, I would advise that person to attend the Webinar and if needed, go for the next batch of Internship headed by Deepak. Trust me, you will not repent.

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