Backlinks and its importance

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Backlinks play a very important role and will probably be one of the most important factor in pulling traffic to your website. Backlinks are like citations or reference that we basically use in thesis. These are basically like sources which generally direct to your article/ blog/ website.

However, a lot of things need to be kept in mind while creating backlinks. Backlinks are a major part of off-page SEO. More the number of backlinks for our website, higher will be the importance given by the search engines. However, while creating websites, we need to keep in mind that we would never want to increase the spam score of our website and also avoid malpractices like buying backlinks or sharing links.

Because, search engines are pretty smart in finding out these tricks. I hope you get it. While creating backlinks, we can generally go for high DA and PA sites with low spam score where we can paste our images or write blogs/ articles. However, the website where we are posting our content needs to have relevance with our website. Putting a content of Social Media Marketing on a Graphic design blog would automatically increase your spam score or your post might not even get an approval from the admin So, one needs to be very careful while putting such contents. Moreover, it is better to start engaging with communities in social media as well as forums.

Directly putting a link to your content wouldn’t look good as members may not like it. Please make sure that the links you are putting have proper content to it =>Quality links. Malpractices such as hidden links need to be avoided as search engines can easily crawl these links and might penalize your website. Remember, you cannot cheat spiders. Some of the free link building tools such as backlink builder tool can be helpful while building backlinks. This is because it would help in pointing to websites having relevant content. Using proper keywords in anchor text will also bring quality traffic to your website.

Creative back links are even more important. Info graphics nowadays play a major role in traffic engagement with your website. Putting links over images is in fact one of the best way to engage with the Target Audience. However, we should keep in mind that no duplicate contents whether in form of image/ text should be used as this can cause the website to be penalized. If you want to get some really good information on creating quality backlinks with reverse image promotion. This would help you to increase quality backlinks if one has his/her graphics on someone else’s post without getting due credits. Without waiting, you can ask the other person/owner to give due credits for using your post.


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