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Customer Avatar : a word we always keep hearing in the world of Marketing. Understanding your target audience is very important whether you are into blogging/ affiliate marketing/ E-commerce/ Search Engine Optimization/ Search Engine Marketing/ Social Media Marketing or anything you are doing. This rule applies to traditional as well as digital marketing.

Now, to state an example, we just can’t write a blog for everyone because it is obvious that everyone is not going to consume what you have written. In order to do that, one needs to understand the demographics as well as psycho-graphics of the audience. Many people do this mistake while directly writing a blog as they do not do enough research about who their target customers are/will be and what the target audience is actually looking for.

This is very crucial because for e.g., say you are writing a blog and you do not do a study of your consumer, you won’t be actually knowing what they would want to consume from your blog or exactly what keywords are they searching for in your blog. A blogger may fill up the articles with pools of knowledge, but until and unless, that pool of knowledge is able to answer the woes of your target customer, that article/ blog has no use.

Let us try to understand what a basic customer Avatar looks like or what it is. A customer Avatar is a detailed view or description of who your ideal customer is. It is not a category or a group of people but focuses on a particular individual who may be your potential customer. E.g., you own a Digital Marketing Coaching Institute, then your potential candidate will probably be in the age group of 22 to 28 years, who is more interested in Tech/ SEO/ SEM/ SMM. He/ she will also be one of those people who migh be intersted in entrepreneurs like our own Deepak Kanakaraju, Russell Brunson, Neil Patel or Brian Dean. These are just some examples. Some of the other points related to your customer avatars may be their goals and values. Challenges like being unemployed or pain points such as job instability are also key points to define the ideal customer avatar. Other points that would be useful to define the customer avatar would be like what books they would prefer to read, movies they would watch, conferences they would attend or technical gurus they would follow.

Every brand or business have their ideal customers. FMCGs have their own set of ideal customer avatar. Coaching institutes have their own set of customer avatars. Fashion brands such as clothing, footwear, eye-wear etc have their own set of customer avatars. So, before putting a step into the market and going to be at the top of the game, doing your homework is extremely important because this identification of customer avatar will help you to streamline your business accordingly.

Let me take another example. Say for e.g., you are a travel blogger and you write blogs describing all your experience of travel. Then in that case, probably age might be a broader factor as people across various age groups might want to travel the world. Now there are some thing which are always common for all the globe trotters or travelers. They love nature photography in general. So, definitely, one of their key interests might be channels like Discovery/ National Geographic. They would also wanna go for recreational activities such as Yoga/ Meditation/ Vipassana. I am just putting a kind of customer avatar So, all the assumptions may or may nor be true. They would also have a huge interest for brands for DSLRs such as Canon/ Sony/ Nikon. They might love movies like into the wild or free willy. Among other interests, they might follow Art Wolfe/ Frans Lanting who are famous nature photographers. So, now you get me and probably if you have a travel and a tourism company, you might be knowing how to find your ideal target customer. If not, I am there to help you out.

The following are 3 examples of Customer Avatar I have Created:

  • Jonaed is a Project Management Professional, who is in the age group of 25-34. He loves to work with design softwares and specifically Adobe Photoshop. He spends his free time designing Magazine cover pages, ad creatives as well as is into social media advertising. Jonaed fears failure at tasks and to be at the tip of the iceberg, he works hard a lot to deliver the best. And on top of that, he wants to be an independent Project Management Consultant.
  • Debasish, who is himself a Digital Marketer is in the age group of 25-34. He loves traveling and is very much into learning new things. He loves designing landing pages for Ads and also, at some point of time, wants to have his own e-commerce clothing store. He is also into POD T-Shirt designing. His biggest fear is failing and starting from the scratch.
  • Manish Pathak, a friend of mine in the age group of 25-34 who is a Fintech professional lives in Gurgaon. He loves cooking and Singing and is afraid of unemployment. In order to get rid of this fear, he wants to have his own branded version of “Litti Chokha Thela” someday in various parts of the country.

In summary, my customer avatar is that person who wants to be an entrepreneur rather than living daily through a regular 9 to 5 job. They are interested in tech, traveling and are learning new things daily.

This article was also a part of Deepak’s Internship program that I have recently started attending. I am excited and you would be reading more and more blog post articles in future and hopefully consume some knowledge out of it.

Here’s a link to the Google Form and people may fill it if they want.

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